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    Streaming & Gaming issues


      I recently built a new pc with;

      cpu - Ryzen 7 1700x

      gpu - gtx 1060 6gb

      RAM - Corsair Vengence LPX 3000MHz 2x8gb

      Motherboard - Gigabyte AB350 Gaming CF

      Cpu Cooler - Cosair h55

      PSU - Corsair 550w



      My issue is with gaming and streaming and gaming without streaming. I seem to get random FPS drops specially while streaming the biggest issue is pubg(i know its poorly optimised but while not streaming I still get massive fps dives from 130fps down to like 30-40fps).

      I am streaming to twitch at 720p 60fps 4600kbs using the v.fast preset in obs. I am using about 30% of the cpu including any game i run. The thermals are great on both the cpu and gpu. There's nothing in the background running that sound cause an issue. I have tested my gpu in an intel pc and can play games on high or even ultra with 60fps+ (not including pubg) with no issue. My understanding is that I really shouldnt be having these issues and seeing Influencers on youtube and their benchmarks and also forums they have no issues streaming and gaming and still see high frame rates while streaming at more than 720p. I have reinstalled a fresh windows 10 and no difference. I have done the bios updates. I have installed all the right drivers and yet still having this issue. I am hoping to find a solution as this has prevented me streaming.