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    Hotkey conflict in Adrenaline drivers


      New hotkey combination (CTRL+Shift+O) for overlay in Adrenalin drivers conflicts with the same hotkey combination for Chrome browser which open bookmarks. This Chrome combination doesn't work now because of this. Please do something and fix this. Very annoying.

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          You can change the hotkeys to anything you chose.


          Open Radeon Settings / Gaming / Global Settings / Performance Monitoring


          Click on the Toggle Performance Overlay Hotkey option and choose your own combination.


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            The shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+O is commonly used in Adobe Illustrator to vectorize the fonts, and I couldn't find solution, why it suddenly stopped working. After 3 hours of installing and uninstalling various applications, I finally found out that Radeon Settings was the culprit. The AMD devs should really change the default combination to a shortcut which is rarely used, or you will have some angry Adobe users in the future.

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