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Threadripper VSOC safe/default voltage

Question asked by randa71 on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by arnesaknussemm

Hi all,

i have a question: i would like to know which is standard VSOC Voltage for 1950X. I ask because with DDR4 2133 my motherboard automatically set VSOC voltage to a value lower than 0.9V (0.872V). With DDR4 2400 or 2666 (speed officially supported) VSOC voltage should be the same or slightly higher? I ask because with my previous motherboard (Asus C6H with 1700X)  Vsoc voltage was automatically set to 1.05V with ddr4 2400. with ddr4 2133 Vsoc voltage was automatically set to 0.9V. Machine with ddr4 2400 was perfectly stable but i didn't know if a soc voltage of 1.050v was correct....

Today i have just ordered a dddr4 2666 kit for my 1950X and i want to know which is the right Vsoc voltage value for ddr4 2666. I must set manually vsoc to 0.9v or i don't have to change value that my motherboard will apply automatically? (leaving that item to auto).

Are within AMD spec that with a ddr4 clock higher than 2133 (2400 or 2666) Vsoc should be increased?

I ask because i want my cpu running with safe voltages for a lot of years.


Thank to all.