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Does new Server CPU Profiler uProf supports event L3PMCx06 [L3 Miss]?

Question asked by jsomarri on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by swarup

Team, Im trying to profile an application in my Epyc and would be really useful to have L3 misses data for the application. The thing is that when I try to capture this counter it gives me an error and the documentation does not specify on how to get this counter.


Im using the following command to collect the data:


./AMDCpuProfiler collect -a -c 0-31 -e event=0x06,interval=5000 -d 20 -o /tmp/out



The configuration erroneously contains an event (0x6) which is not

available on this system.  Please choose a different



Any Idea on how to collect this counter?


Thanks a lot.