Boot kit support - "have had no reply from you in the last 10 days" automated email from AMD support, even though I sent a reply almost two weeks ago?

Discussion created by chkl on Mar 6, 2018
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Around two weeks ago I began the boot kit RMA process with AMD support to be able to update my motherboard to the newest BIOS to support my purchase of a Ryzen 2400G.

I was first sent an email with my ticket number, then later an email instructing me to send pictures of the processor with serial number and summary of conversation with motherboard manufacturer.


I replied to that email within a few hours. This was almost two weeks ago and I have not had a reply to that since, except an automated email telling me:


"If you submitted your request electronically, we have sent a response to your inquiry and have had no reply from you in the last 10 days."


I've re-sent an email but I'm wondering if this is a situation others are coming across as well? No response to their email?


For reference, my ticket # is SR #{ticketno:[8200793175]}.