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    R7 260x audio output


      I have a R7 260x shappire. I connect to it 2 displays, one through HDMI to HDMI (a Samsung HD TV), and the other through DVI to HDMI (a samsung SyncMaster BX 2250). I need to get audio output for both connetions, and switch audio output indistinctly for my needs. But, my problem is when both displays are connected windows 10 only reconize a audio output the TV (hdmi to hdmi) but not through dvi to hdmi conection. If I unplug the HDMI to HDMI conection, I get audio by the DVI to HDMI connetion. How can I get through both connections when both are plugged?. Manny thanks.


      Only DVI connection

      DVI HDMI only.png


      Both connetions plugged


      Both connectios.png