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Black Screen Crashes Vega 56

Question asked by blackknight on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by jay1131

Hello, I have been having black screen crashes in games on my Sapphire Vega 56. Anything from Black Mesa(DirectX 9) to Doom(Vulcan).


I have tried multiple drivers now, reinstalling Windows and I have connected one cable per port from my power supply to the card(Two single daisy chain cables as there were no single connector cables with the Corsair Rm850x). It happens very rarely on the default Wattman power mode but as soon as I put it on Turbo it is pretty much guaranteed to black screen in the near future. One thing I did notice recently with Black Mesa that its pretty reliable to make it crash after about 20 Mins where Doom can be quite random. As Black Mesa barely runs two LEDs on the power draw display I do not think it is power draw at all.


When I contacted Amazon for a replacement they refused and only offered a refund.  When I contacted Sapphire they wanted nothing to do with me because apparently their re-sellers deal with that(I have never experienced this way of doing warranty and I wont be buying Sapphire again because of it). I do not want a refund as I cannot afford to simply buy another card with the current market so I am now forced to keep this defective card so that I can simply turn my PC on.


Any ideas on how I could fix this card or get a replacement because this should not be happening on such an expensive piece of equipment.