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Getting the "LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect" when installing the AMD Adrenaline

Question asked by elpechero on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by mastakilla

Hello, i've been having trouble with this message. I've made some researches and found that by solving that i need to write ".bak" at the end of atig6pxx.dll., but then i found that doing that is a hack at best and not a solution at all, so, i read somewhere that i have to clean the older drivers with Display driver unistaller, and then download the drivers again, so i did the "cleansing" process with the driver unistaller and then i decided to download the AMD driver autodetect adrenaline, but i when i'm trying to install it i get that damn message. I can't even work in Blender and try out the ProRadeon Render for Blender



Anyone with  a solution? haven't used Blender for 4 days at this point :S