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Downlocking during VR for R9 FuryX, Also Asking for Async Reprojection Support

Question asked by xkm121 on Mar 4, 2018

As titles says I am once again having problems with AMD's driver on VR. On 2D monitor gaming everything is fine. However in VR, especially during game initial loading or application loading the driver will force the GPU down-clock to ~400MHz. This results in horrible jittering whenever I launch a new VR application and it usually won't go away until ~30 seconds later. This results in terrible nausea. It was bad enough that FuryX do not have Async Reprojection. WIth these new drivers I cannot even have some very basic VR experience at all. To clarify it was working pretty good for the first Aderniline driver. However those ones messed up DX9 games so I cannot use them.


Can AMD's driver team look into this? Or is AMD's focus only on crypto mining now?


Also more importantly, will AMD ever provide Async Reprojection for SteamVR for us Fury/X/Nano owners? A lot of VR titles are unusable without Async Reprojection. Both Polaris and Vega have it. Is it some feature extremely difficult to implement? I just want to know whether I should keep on waiting for this feature or give up and buy a different GPU


System Spec:


Sapphire R9 FuryX (I tried Crimson driver from 18.1.1 to 18.2.3)

Intel 6950X


Windows 10 FCU


Thank you!