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AMD FX 8320 Northbridge temp

Question asked by ch[a]meleon on Mar 5, 2018

Hello i use AMD FX 8320 and Gigabyte 990FX UD3 Rev. 4.0 MB and custom watercooling system.


I have also next temp Screenshot_3.png



CPU Temp and North Bridge temp have always different 10C for example 35C CPU 45C NB. or like on screen CPU 51C and NB 60C

Liquid temp 49C always have the same temp as the CPU temp 51C (different ~2C). - this on passive mode (without fan)

North bridge on mother board have 80mm fan and temp is ok (42-44C)

I need slow down NB if temp will be higher then 60C or this temp dosen't matter ?

Thank you.