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Windows Start Menu not working after driver update

Question asked by whyduck on Mar 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by deve12

I have driver version 22.19.677.257 installed for my Radeon RX480 graphics card on Windows 10 64 bit. Photoshop and Lightroom do not work with that driver, so I upgraded to "Adrenalin Edition" release 18.2.1. With that driver (version 23.20 or so), the Adobe tools work, but the Windows Start Menu doesn't work. I tried a number of intermediary drivers as well, and they all broke the Start Menu. Is there either a fix for the latest driver, or an updated driver coming that doesn't break the Windows Start menu?


System details:


Gigabyte Z170-HD3 with latest BIOS

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - auto updates enabled

Intel i7-6700K

Radeon RX 480 w/4GB memory