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performance of my dedicated card

Question asked by alex_gt on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by zukito

good I bought a laptop hp model 15-cd005la, this one has these graphics AMD Radeon R7 (main) and AMD Radeon 535DX (linked).
tube problems to run the games with the dedicated card, then come to the conclusion of putting amd crossfire in optimize 1x1 or compatible with afr with this configuration games run with the card dedicated only that the performance is unstable.




I have installed the msi afterburner to see the performance of the dedicated card.




the performance goes up and down, when I open the fornite and I give it to automatic graphs it puts them in low when the load of the gpu is in 1% and when the load of the gpu is in 100% it puts me the graphics in high.






so when I play the fornite I have to put it in low graphics because the gpu load is going up and down and the fps are unstable.I would like the gpu load of the dedicated video card to remain stable and thus be able to play with good and stable fps.


note: when the games run only with the integrated card, the performance of the gpu is stable.