R9 380X not updating past 17.7.1.

Discussion created by nightfromthewest12 on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by goodplay

So I run a Radeon R9 380x on windows 8.1 N. One day when I went to stream with OBS the stream would refuse to run saying "Starting output failed. If running an AMD card please update driver." So naturally I went to AMD Radeon setting and checked my updates and it was at 17.7.1 and there were no more updates. Later I starting running Wolfenstein 2 and on the start up it would say my driver was out of date. It needed 17.10.2 and I had 17.7.1. So I went to AMD and tired to find the newest update. After trying to download the 17.10.1 drivers and installing them my driver setting never showed up again. I had to clear my drivers and reinstall from scratch back to 17.4.4. After much frustration I got my system back to 17.7.1 and I still don't see an update beyond that version in my settings.