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How can I fix the incompatibility between my amd radeon r6 m340dx and windows 10 version 1709?

Question asked by davidlmk on Mar 3, 2018
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Since installing the update Windows Creators Update (Windows 10, version 1703) my computer has had problems with the drivers of the video card, which is an AMD Radeon R6 M340DX, I can not download the latest drivers because Windows stops recognizing the  graphic card and although I return to the old drivers, the performance of the computer is not the same, if I run a game or watch a video on full screen the computer freezes (which did not happen before the update).

When version 1709 Fall Creators Update appeared, I update my OS thinking that the problems would've been fixed but it gets worst, I can't play or watch videos on full screen for a long time because the "Blue screen of death" appears, it doesn't matter if I use the old drivers or the new ones.

I know that maybe this is a problem that I should ask microsoft for help, but I did it and it didn't help to much.


What can I do to correct this problem?



Thank you very much for your attention.