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Regarding audio drivers and pc crashes in the latest radeon driver update

Question asked by ahmza on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by ahmza

Hi, so ever since i bought my RX480 about a year ago i was having crashes on some of my games (maybe becuse i was trying to push ultra settings on everything ) however over the past week it has become alot more frequent and it has become verry annoying, i would be in game and litterally 5 mins into the game it would just black screen and the speakers would buzz. i searched these forums, found nothing, searched on other forums, finally i found a post regarding audio drivers. it said i would have to dissable all additional audio drivers exept one, so i dissabled all but the "AMD High Definition Audio Device", i rebooted went into a game ahain this time 10 mins in and it crashed at this point i totaly relocated my pc, stripped it down cleaned it, went as far as placing a new power supply in it, still the same issue, so i re installed windows 10 downloaded all the necessary driver and none extra rebotted once again and it strill crashed. i went back into drivers and this time dissabled the AMD audio  driver leaving the Realtek one enabled, rebooted went as far as stess testing both cpu and gpu at the same time for an hour then mem test for an hour no issues poped up, went into battlefield one ultra settings and i was able to play for an hour with no issues. so im sure it is an issue regarding AMD's latst audio driver.


if possible i would like a developper get into this before someone else gets the same issue, because it took me 2 days from morning to like 2 in the morning trying to figure this out.

im not sure as t what he exact bug is or how it is caused but please look into this as no one should have to waste this much time on a simple issue.


thanks alot