Paying for a Tutor...

Discussion created by ridshack on Mar 1, 2018

Hi All,


Im in need of some basic help. Im not a programmer and only have basic skills. Ive been watching a bunch of C++ videos but at this rate its going to take forever for me to reach my goals.


I want to keep it simple so I can build and work with this more later.


Goal 1: Learn how to query all the video cards on a server. I have from 6 to 13 rx 560, 570 and 580 video cards per system.

Goal 2: Pull sensor data from each of those cards and write to a file.


I was able to install the ADK and compile OverdriveN which did pull all of the sensor data that I need. I just need to simplify the program and be able to pull from all of the cards on a system.


Thank you!



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