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Athlon X4 950 ECC?

Question asked by jepe1328 on Mar 2, 2018



Im little confused about some specs of MB and/or CPU data and have some questions about the Athlon X4 950 CPU.


I have an Asrock AB350M Motherboard, wich has (unregistered) ECC support for Ryzen and 7th Gen A-Series APUs.


1. Does the Athlon X4 950 also support (unregistered) ECC?


2. In the UEFI i can adjust 35W cTDP wich is below 45W and 65W and nowhere documented (45W/65W) - is it a UEFI/BIOS-bug or does it really support also 35W tdp?


That would be awesome for a small Server Build with ECC!


If somebody has any idea, please enlighten me.


Best regards