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Ryzen 5 2400g - 17.7 Driver causing pixels to flicker - should I return monitor??????

Question asked by acr2018 on Mar 2, 2018
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I'm getting random blinking pixels, all over the screen. They are not predictable, but they do usually do the same pixels 2-3 blinks, then some other pixels somewhere else. Very weird! This is a very short youtube video of what I am seeing, this goes everywhere on the screen:


My new monitor flickering pixels? - YouTube


Built this system with latest drivers as of 2/21/18:

-Ryzen R5 2400g - stock cooler and settings.

-ASUS strix ROG b350-F gaming ATX, flashed w/latest BIOS

-Samsung 960 NVME m.2 250gb HD

-2x4gb DDR4 3400 patriot

-Samsung 4k monitor ue510


Its a Samsung monitor from Costco, UE510 which is 4k60 w/freesync. With generic driver (windows / samsung?) the monitor seemed fine while updating drivers. I then downloaded and installed the radeon software 17.7 after AMD chipset drivers were installed. Not long after that I noticed those blinking pixels. My new monitor flickering pixels? - YouTube .


I tried to troubleshoot for about 4 hours, reinstall drivers from Samsung and Radeon. After this I enabled freesync on the monitor and in Radeon software. Freesync didn't fix the problem, its the exact same. I spent a few days wondering if it was a bad cable. So I tried HDMI cable instead of DP and same problem.


I then thought maybe its the monitor: I hooked it to my macbookpro with HDMI and it works perfectly.


conclusion 1: HDMI cable and monitor are fine.


So after this I figured its either drivers or ASUS motherboard issues. I again tested HDMI on the ASUS, problem re-appeared.


After this I rolled back display driver to generic windows driver, problem is gone.


conclusion 2: ASUS motherboard port is ok


Final Conclusion: Something is wrong with the Radeon Display drivers. OR its my install of them, or maybe I need to tweak something?


Please help!

I need to be able to fix this while I still have return as an option.


If I can't fix this, I will just have to return everything I bought