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GPU Prices

Question asked by peromajdandzic on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by black_zion

Hi, I'm new to PC building and was shocked to find the cost of GPU's so ridiculously higher than it is for the other components required to build a PC. Including the Case, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Power Unit, SSD's etc. I'm no expert, but most of these components, in particular the SSD, Motherboard and RAM share one thing in common, computer chips which is essentially what a GPU is with fans attached. I understand that Crypto Currency Mining has had a great effect on the market price. However, it doesn't seem that AMD has done anything to assist people within the gaming community who have been loyal customers in reducing the financial impact on customers and their GPU purchase. This is unfair to those people who wish to buy a GPU for its intended purpose. Why hasn't AMD put in place policies and strategies such as restricting GPU sales to customers who are purchasing the GPU's for gaming or workstations that require intensive GPU's memory. Things can be done such as limiting purchases of GPU's to one per customer after registering with AMD then taking your registration number to a major retailers such as MSY in Australia. Should the vendors charge over a reasonable amount for the GPU's then AMD should retract the vendors privileges in on selling your product. I hope you consider doing something like this so that people who are purchasing the GPU's for enjoyment or work purposes aren't punished by a Crypto Crazy Market that producers such as AMD seem only to be taking advantage of as the prices for GPU's are only increasing daily, this is a stupid situation that AMD should have done something about as it has had a great impact on your non Crypto Mining Customers.