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AMD Radeon driver causing slow Windows 10

Question asked by exreuterman on Mar 1, 2018
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Extremely slow startup on HP Pavilion


I have an HP Pavilion PC570 which has SSD windows main drive and which has always been very fast to boot or to wake from sleep mode. HP recommended a AMD Radeon graphics driver upgrade in 16th December 2017 and I believe my problem with extremely slow startup started then. The driver download was sp78753 version for win 10v1607. If I look in device manager, I see two Radeon Drivers:

AMD Radeon R5 M435

AMD Radeon R7 Graphics


The problem as I see it is that on boot and waking from sleep, if I can get windows 'task manager' running, I see 100% processor usage with the culprit being windows 'system interrupts'. This can last for 3-4 minutes before clearing and then windows behaves normally.

I found that the Driver 'AMD Radeon R5 M435' had an update available which I performed and which cured startup problem, however I could not use it as my Adobe PhotoshopCC had a problem with the graphics and would not run properly so I had to roll back this driver. The error I kept getting when attempting to use PhotoshopCC was 'THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER'.

The AMD Radeon R7 Graphics driver has no update available and there is no rollback available either. So I have to put up with the extremely slow startup problem unless you can suggest a fix.


My windows version is win10 Home version 1709.