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Cant Install Anything Past 17.10.2 on Windows 10 (1709) R9270x

Question asked by jitter on Feb 28, 2018

I have updated drivers 100+ times and have never run into a problem like this.  I have had pretty much AMD cards since the good ole ATI 9700 pro all in wonder and have been able to get the drivers to work. 


Anyways I can not install any software past the 17.10.2 on windows 10.  I am currently running build (16299.248).  Steps I have done


1.  Fully updated windows

2.  Uninstalled all AMD stuff both with the AMD tool and DDU (in safe mode)

3.  Ran DISM and SFC

4.  Tried various newer versions of drivers / software

5.  Tried manually installing driver through device manager

6.. Did a clean install of windows and tried to install newest drivers.


The installation will go through, but the driver installation fails and I get error 1603.  I am at a loss what to do.  I am pretty experienced with installing / working out driver issues, but I am getting nowhere with this one.


I have a 2GB XFX R9270x


Any help would be appreciated.