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R9 390 freezing, crashing, black screen, red screen and static noise.

Question asked by tobzere on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by tobzere

Hello, my pc specs are as follows:


r9 390 MSI

intel i5-6500 3.2Ghz

ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming

corsiair vengenance DDr4 3000Mhz- 16gb

EVGA 850 supernova GS



So I have had issues in the past of occasional black screens or freezes- i used to run this card on a crosshair formula v, but i downsized, hence the i5 and Z170i. On the old AMD setup i never really had major issues, but ever since i built it into the intel system it has been very unstable, it used to black screen say once or twice a month- but these past few weeks it has been unusable, it black screens while watching youtube, amazon prime, twitch.. no error messages are recorded in the log, i have tried a new psu and no solution. same issue.


So recently it has become such an issue that it happens 5 minutes into watching a twitch stream, and i cant even complete a game of dota without it black screening. Occasionally on games such as CSGO or overwatch i have gotten a red screen- but this is less common, and some other times the game just freezes. When it black screens it is joined with a buzzing noise, like static.

It isnt an overheating issue as my temperatures are all around 30 degrees when running full load- watercooled gpu. And having seen so many previous 390s with the same issue i have tried all the suggested, such as turning down voltage etc, the best i got is to play 3 games of dota without a crash- the best i have had in the past year of this current setup.


Any suggestions?


Thank you .