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R9 280 weird screen bugs and crash

Question asked by natan on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by natan

Hello, I would like help troubleshooting a problem that is ocurring with my graphics card, it's a R9 280 from Sapphire (R9 280 3G GDDR5 PCI-E DVI-I / DVI-D / HDMI / DP DUAL-X OC WITH BOOST (UEFI) LITE)


I have it for about 3 years now, and suddently it started showing weird blue lines and squares in my screen when I started a game, it then advanced to show these graphical bugs in Windows boot too, and then it started to freeze the screen completely in a either blue or grey screen, that wouldn't go away without shutting power down. At today's morning, image source wouldn't be found after the PC booted up, so I assume the graphics card isn't sending video anymore. I connected my monitor directly to my motherboard by VGA and removed the graphics card, and then it worked. I tried removing all dust, checking all connections and basics like that but nothing worked, there's still no video output in the HDMI connection of the card. I am pretty sure there's no problem in my processor, motherboard, ram or anything like that.


I would like suggestions and instructions in what to do next. I'm out of warranty, so I have to fix it myself or send to assistance (which is non-existent here in Brazil). I saw some videos of guys baking their cards to help it work again, something like melting the connectors, but I won't do it without recommendation.


Thanks for the attention.