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Vega56 Poor GPU utilzation in CryEngine games still (Kingdom come/Crysis 3 ect.).

Question asked by scar8998 on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by scar8998

Having had this graphics card for 4-5 months now I have been testing Crysis 3 every few driver revisions since I made this thread: Vega 56 Crysis 3 Low FPS/GPU usage on high object settings. I does not seem there have been much improvements over this time span and with the release of Kingdom Come Deliverance this is evident.


AMD cards still cannot hold their performance in scenes where Nvidia cards stay at flat 99%. Here is a recent video I made and you can see the utilization fluctuate as the main CPU threads are taxed. Kingdom Come: Deliverance|Ryzen 7 1700|Vega 56 - YouTube


Is the RTG team still working on driver improvements for these cards or is it miners only now?