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    Vega 64 overclocking issue.


      Win 10

      Asus prime x-370 pro (latest bios)

      Msi vega 64

      Seasonic 1050w


      My problem is when i overclock my vega 64 over 1700mhz its will peak over 1800 mhz and crash.

      Im using ekwb waterblock so temp is not the promblem. Is there any solution?

      I got stock bios Is there any change to get it work if i change bios to or LC

      Using only Wattman. Adrenalin driver 18.2.3

      Edit. p6 1667mhz 1140mV   p7 1702mhz 1175mV   all is working right gpu-z max clockspeed 1678mhz

      p6 1667mhz 1150mV    p7 1752mhz 1200mV Superposition Benchmark instant crash gpu-z max clockspeed 1798mhz