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Problem with my Crossfire Graphic

Question asked by cytage on Feb 26, 2018



firstly sry for my bad English i am from Germany. I buy last year a HP Notebook (HP 15-ba009ng 39,6 cm Notebook grau: Computer & Zubehör )  with

a AMD Radeon R7 M440 and a onboard Graphiccard R5. I already installed the self dedection tool from AMD it says me i have a AMD R7 M340 ? I dont now why.

But thats not the main reason why i am open this Thread. I am play often MMORPGS not Games with high requirement, today i buy Blackdesert Online and try to play

but its Impossible to play without lags. I am look to the Blackdesert Online settings and see it detect only the Onbard Graphic R5.. I try to deactiv the Onboard Graphic but its not impossible. Can anybody help me ?