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DXGI Issue... Now with new problems! Disabling VR?

Question asked by drogith on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by cartel

Greetings everyone!


This is an issue that has plagued everyone for a long time and, from what I can scan through these forums, rolling back to a certain driver resolves a lot of issues for some people. I can't do that. The more recent versions of OBS used for streaming require your graphic drivers to be up to date. After speaking with the developers for the game Descenders (the game that is causing the crash) they informed me that this is a common issue that the Unity engine has in conflict with VR software and drivers.


I have taken a good look at the AMD drivers and could not find a single indication of where and VR drivers are hidden. When I used to have an NVidia card, it was plainly labelled VR. Does anyone know where to locate and potentially uninstall/disable the VR portion of the drivers?


I am currently using an RX480 slightly undervolted for stability with 2 monitors and no external VR programs.