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    What is this temperature reported by HWMonitor


      Does anyone know what TMPIN2 is that HWMonitor reports under the mainbourd readings?

      I know that TMPIN1 is the mainbourd temperature. I also noticed that TMPIN2 is always exactly 10 °C under the CPU temp the

      mainbourd reports.

      Another strange thing that I am asking myself since I have Ryzen is that the CPU temp reported by the mainbourd never drops under 40 °C

      even in idle, while the processor itself reports that it idles at around 28 °C.




      Ryzen 5 1600x @3.925

      500 Watt be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM

      16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR-2400 @2666

      Asus Prime B350 Plus

      EKL Ben Nevis Advanced

      Windows 10 Pro