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    Freesync not supported... yet my monitor has it, its enabled.. drivers are greyed out though


      So i bought a new Viotek GN27D monitor.. its a curved 27 inch 1440p monitor with freesync.   I turned freesync on in my monitor settings, and when i went to AMDs drivers its greyed out and says AMD freesync not supported.  Im also using a gold plated 1.2 display port cable as well.  Whats funny is in the main menu of the AMD drivers.. a pop up says you a freesync compatible monitor plugged in, click here to enable freesync..  I click and it brings me to the screen where it says freesync not supported lol


      Like really ?  Anyone know what the deal here is



      Oh and PC specs are 4790k, 16gb ram, z97 gigabye board, r9 290 tri-x OC..