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    ROCM - How to compile kernel code




      Is it possible to compile OpenCL C 2.0 kernels separately in rocm environment?


      I am trying OpenCL C 2.0 features and clBuildProgram seems to terminate with segfault. I am thinking that compiling with some other way might give some messages indicating what is wrong.


      I have read that compiling OpenCL kernel is somehow related to clang. I have clang 4.0 on my system and I also see /opt/rocm/opencl/bin/x86_64/clang and /opt/rocm/bin/clang-ocl that came with ROCM 1.7.


      If possible, with what command can I compile opencl (2.0) kernel file?



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          First of all, if you're observing a crash in clBuildProgram, please report the issue here: Issues · RadeonOpenCompute/ROCm · GitHub . Actually,  ROCm has a separate GitHub place to report an issue or post a query related to it.


          Regarding the offline compilation, both clang and clang-ocl tools can be used. I think clang-ocl is easier to use because it requires less number of flags.  Say,

          >> clang-ocl simple.cl -o simple.o


          >> clang-ocl simple.cl -mcpu=ARCH -o simple.o

          Here ARCH denotes specific architecture, for example, gfx803 for Fiji or gfx900 for Vega.

          Also  OpenCL 2.0 specific flags might be required for compiling OpenCL 2.0 kernels. As I haven't used it myself, I can't provide the exact command or steps. Please check ROCm community for more information.