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    Cant install the R7 370 drivers


      Describe your system:

      • AMD Graphics Card
        • AMD R7 370 2gb
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Windows 10 Education 64bit
      • Driver version installed
        • Currently i haven't any driver installed
      • Motherboard
        • Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0
      • CPU/APU
        • AMD FX 6300 3,5 ghz
      • RAM
        • 8 gb


      Problem description:

      When i try to update my drivers using the AMD software, in the mid of installation my screen goes black and then the computer restart.

      I used Display Driver Uninstaller for delete previous installations, then install the drivers, but i still get the error.

      The event viewer shows the Error 41 (Kernel Power)