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can't install new chipset driver 18.1.

Question asked by berdy on Feb 26, 2018
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i can't install the new chipset driver for my asus prime x370 board with ryzen 1600.


after downloading and running your install-tool it says: installed


"Lokaler Treiber"



after expess or user installation the tool said "Radeon Software (18.10.) wurde installiert"


but after restart there is no new driver installed. the tool say again 17.50. is currently installed.




The installation process is very fast, too fast i think. there must be a fault.







any helps? thanks!




Edit: cant also install the original actual asus chipsetdriver. (17.8(?)) Same Error.
tried with "run as admin" and without bitdefender.






2nd edit:


after reinstalling windows10 (clean install) the installation again doesn't work.
Who could install the actual driver?