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    I have problems with diver vega 11 of the APU 2400g of ryzen


      I have a ryzen 5 2400g recently purchased and I can not install the screen drivers correctly.

      In device managers, it comes out with the yellow exclamation icon.



      I wanted to put 2 monitors with this apu, I think it's possible, but at the moment I can not, I guess it will be something of the driver.


      My hardware is:

      Asus STRIX B350-F GAMING

      V Series F4-3000C15D-16GVR

      AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

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          I have same motherboard and apu. I did first: flash motherboard latest ASUS drivers. 2: clean install latest win10 ISO. Then 3: install latest AMD chipset drivers. Then Samsung UE510 generic monitor adapter driver for Display port. Then Install Radeon 17.7 drivers. It works like it should, but my screen has blinking pixelation noise with the Radeon graphics drivers. I'm not sure why? both HDMI and DP. I checked monitor with my Mac at 4k over HDMI- cables and monitor are fine. When I check on Ryzen APU there's pixels blinking on off. When I roll back to windows generic display driver, all is normal. I want to make a post for this but i can't figure it out on mobile: here's a video Of what I'm seeing

          . My new monitor flickering pixels? - YouTube