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    CrossFire activates in Windows10 environment - BIG PROBLEM!



      I wanted to let you all know of a crazy issue i just seem to have resolved.

      This started with me not being able to launch StarCraft2 as all I got was a black screen with the mousepointer in SC2 blinking at intervals.

      - Tried to reinstall graphics driver which was the old Crimson driver with that newest one 18.2.1

      - Same problem occured.


      I could just not figure out why my game would not launch, so i deleted all settings of it, and even the game itself and re-installed the game.


      - STILL the same issue.


      Then I realized that before, i had Crossfire active in the driver (so it would activate in fullscreen games)


      - So i went in and turn it OFF OMG!..suddenly WINDOWS 10 works faster?!

      A good example was the videos playing in the Blizzard launcher which always always lagged, suddenly they are supersmooth!?


      I have lately also had extremely slow boot since I installed Windows 10.

      As in it took 2 minutes to start Windows10, and i have an almost clean install, and running on a really fast SSD-drive.

      The way it looked like was that 2 monitors for the longest time would go black in "sleepmode" and the rightmost would have light on as if it was waiting for something.

      Then after about 2 minutes the other two monitors would activate and grant me the login screen.


      I even tried to re-install Windows 10 and the problem persisted.

      I have 3x27" monitors running on a AMD Radeon HD7990 card, and with Windows 7 this was not an issue at all.


      I just now realize this problem started when you got that massive update to Windows10 back in January I think it was.


      Now when i start my machine, i get the login screen within 10 seconds after i disabled Crossfire in the driver.


      So by the love of all weird AMD, what the heck did you do?

      Why would enabling CrossFire in WINDOWS 10 mode cause a machine to run superslow?

      Is it because it would think my 3 screens running windows would be trying to run crossfire 5760x1080 in WINDOWS?


      This would probably be a very good lesson to why CrossFire sux in Windows 10 mode.


      But my drawback here now is, i cannot use CrossFire at ALL since it cannot be turned on without causing games to no longer work.

      And Windows10 becoming slow.


      Maybe this is a Windows problem I do not know, but AMD, you should talk to Microsoft and have this checked out.


      Best regards


      Bård Olsen


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          its a 10 issue. !0 creators has played havoc driver wise to AMD atm. Microsoft is passing the blame around to AMD as per usuall. Had somw weied & wonderfull things with 10 pro & AMD drivers dw Nvidia is as effected or worse. Its a Microsoft issue i have annoyed microsoft about. Have had 10 nuke a few hard drivers in diffrent builds upgrades & repairs in the last 2 years or so. A lot of the issue is 10 works better on craptops than on Desktops unfortunately, very know issue diffrent users are experiencing diffrent problems.