Memory clock drop

Discussion created by zabotrian on Feb 24, 2018
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Long story short I have stuttering issue after adrenaline update and don't know why. After some research I found that my memory clock drop 2000MHz to 625MHz suddenly while playing game and that causes stuttering. Here's some stuff that I did:

1-) Disable HPET

2-) Update Windows to build 16299.248

3-) Disable ULPS

4-) Uninstall Afterburner

5-) Change power settings to high performance.


Here's my system specs:

Driver Version:18.2.3

GPU: Gigabyte RX560

CPU:Intel I5-6600

RAM:8GB DDR4 2133MHz

MOBO:MSI H170A Gaming pro

PSU:Corsair VS650

Monitor: Viewsonic XG2401

OS:Windows 10 PRO 64bit


Here's wattman screenshot: