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PC shuts and reopens

Question asked by taffy087 on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by taffy087

Hi. My laptop had been suddenly shutting down***.It reopens after 5minsI've discounted heat problems (it stands on a Belco fan base) and problems with sites (I first thought it was and Flash problems - it's happened after I've been on it for 6 hours and also six minutes.


I was given a link to OSR (OSR Online - The Home Page for WindowsDriver Developers).

Everything they do is way over my head - apart from one thing, their Online Crash Analyser - this produces a report of the minidump. It clearly relates to a problem with my AMD drivers.

I have an HP Envy laptop (OEM) Bought Dec 2015 the main processor is AMD A10-8700P Quad-core 1.8 GHz 2 MB cache with an AMD Radeon R6 Graphics card.


Microsoft usually most of my drivers - The last AMD update was on the 1st December 2017 KB4051963. KB4048955 failed to install on the 15th November - Laptop showing as Up-to-Date

The problems first appeared on the 27th November 2017, which appears to back up the minidump analysis.


What do you suggest? Do you want to see the Minidump analysis?


PS apologies but as I'm doing this, typing a letter deletes the next one. And despite me putting info here via Notepad, I seem to have different fonts!!