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    AMD Radeon HD 7300 Series Update Issue


      Hello, I have to update my graphics card, to be able to update my PC (The windows update blocks at 81%, and I'm told that it comes from my graphics card which is not up to date) .

      But when I run the "AMD Software" program, I get the error message "Error 175 - AMD Setup Can not Continue Due to Unsupported AMD Graphics Hardware".


      How is it possible ?


      Thank You




      PS : Excuse me my english (I am french), but the translation is to make from google translation


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            Describe me system:

            AMD Graphics Card :  AMD Radeon HD 7300 series

            Desktop or Laptop System : Desktop

            Operating System :  Windows 10 Family x64

            Driver version installed : AMD 15.301.1901.0 (26/02/2016)

            Display Devices Screen :  COMPAQ LV2011q 1600x900, Keybord Logitech K360 and mouse Logitech M235

            Motherboard + Bios Revision : Asus CM1735 (Bios 0702)

            CPU/APU : AMD A4-3420 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2,80 GHz FM1

            RAM : 6,00GB


            Here is the description of my pc


            Thank You



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                Windows® 10 Driver for APUs Supporting up to WDDM 1.2 and DirectX® 11

                Article Number: GPU-632

                The Windows® 10 graphics driver for the following APUs is only available from Microsoft® via Windows Update:

                • AMD A4/A6/A8-3000 Series APUs
                • AMD E2-3200 APU
                • AMD E2-3000M APU
                • AMD E2-2000 APU
                • AMD E1/E2-1000 Series APUs
                • AMD E-200/300/400 Series APUs
                • AMD C-Series APUs
                • AMD Z-Series APUs

                To obtain the driver please enable Windows Update and allow it to detect, download and install the appropriate driver for the APU.


                You have to use the drivers furnished by Microsoft. AMD does not have drivers for this APU on Win10.

                Your APU > A4-3420 with HD6410D graphics.

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                    Hello, and thank you for answering


                    Windows Update is enabled on my computer, but offers me only windows updates and none for my graphics card or my CPU.


                    And when I do an update search manually (Device Manager - Graphics Card or CPU - Right Click - Check for Updates), this marks me that my drivers are already up to date, while Mesdrivers (Software to see if my drivers are up to date) it marks me that it is not up to date.


                    Thank you



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                        Ignore what "Mesdrivers" tells you. Whatever Microsoft supplies is the correct/only driver available to you.

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                          both your APU and GPU are legacy (Non-Supported and Old). Seems like the driver installed is the last known driver from AMD Support (2015/2016) which is why Windows Update shows no newer drivers.


                          I wouldn't suggest using Mesdrivers or any other Driver updater. They aren't very reliable and might install an incompatible driver causing you computer to BSOD. If Microsoft comes up with a newer Windows 10 driver for your APU it will show up in Windows Update. Otherwise you are stuck with the current installed driver.

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                          Hello, and thank you for your answers.

                          So if I understand correctly, I can not update my computer.

                          Given that Windows Update offers me a Windows update and not for my APU.

                          I went to the Windows forum to explain this, and they clearly told me that my computer was not updating because of the graphics card and processor drivers that were not up to date.



                          I do not really mind not updating my computer, but the only problem is that I have to turn it off when I'm not using it, because it updates itself with the program that windows installs me for 2 months "Windows 10 Update Assistance". I uninstall it, but it reinstalls every 2 hours.



                          Thank you for your answers, fast, and detailed.