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Can't Install Ryzen Master Util

Question asked by lacrimosa on Feb 23, 2018

I installed Ryzen Util for monitoring CPU long time ago (06/2017)  and I love the performance.



However, after a windows patch it no longer run, so I uninstalled the software then tried to re-install it.


But it give me the 1720 Error and message is " (blah blah blah)..............RemoveAMDRMService script error" 


I procrastinate and not asking on the forum because I dont use the software that often.(since my OC is stable 4GHz at 1.375)

But today I decided to ask for help because it is obviously a problem.


I have tried the MS Diagnosis, but the RyzenMaster is not on the list.

And I have tried the AMD Cleaner Util, no luck on that.