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    Ryzen 2200G and M2 SSD incompatibility?


      Just upgraded to 2200G to find that my M2 SSD is not working with 2200G in the socket.

      Is it a limitation of CPU, mainboard or anything else?

      Ryzen 3 1300 works just fine. Good thing I can keep it for a week or two.

      My setup:

      AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

      Asrock A320M-DGS P4.40

      Samsung 960 EVO 250GB

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          I was having an issue with this as well. The ultra M.2 slot on your board is PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA3 compatible so hardware shouldn't be the problem.


          My setup:

          Ryzen 5 2400G

          ASROCK AB350 Gaming ITX P4.40 (now beta 4.43)

          Samsung 860 EVO 250GB


          Try updating to the beta bios available for your specific motherboard which would be 4.61 in your case.

          ASRock > A320M-DGS


          This solved the issue for me of my SSD not being detected in the BIOS or Windows.

          I had already registered a support ticket with ASROCK before attempting this and when they got back to me they confirmed trying to update to the latest available BIOS even though in this case it is still a beta one. Apparently the AGESA code is the culprit on this one.


          Hope this helps you too!

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              Will try that. My PC seller had a spare A320M-HDV mainboard and another 2200G for me to try.

              Second CPU had a nice sound effect of the cooler - AMD Ryzen 3 2200G stock cooler noise - YouTube

              I am having second thoughts about that build - seems haunted...

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                  Well those are the woes of early adopters I guess
                  Had quite a bit of trouble with BSOD's regarding sata devices. Figured out the driver hadn't installed correctly and I needed to manually direct it via device manager.
                  I think it's part of the fun (at least if everything works out in the end). Hope you get everything up and running!

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                      Most of the problems i had are now gone with bios update - SSD is recognised, cooler speed works, even XMP is recognised for my Ballistix Elite ram (after every 3 boots, mainboard beeps and returns to 2133 speed, though, but it looks promising)

                      Will probably move to some good vendor B350 mainboard - do not need more features, but could be a bit more stable solution.

                      I really liked performance of my sub-budget R3-1200. I just use my pc to do some mundane everyday stuff, but I really like it to be fast at that.

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                          ASRock is a good vendor. Do your reviews for AM4 ITX motherboards. You can ignore the VRM debate, it is not a concern if you just use the pc to do some mundane everyday stuff, and an ASRock AB350 or X370 with a Samsung 960 EVO M.2  will be quick, assuming you have suitable RAM, 16GB, dual channel, double sided, and can run it at least 2933Mhz

                          This is my build and it is fast:



                          ASRock X370 Fatal1ty-Gaming-ITX BIOS 4.43 AMD 2400G
                          2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400 @2933
                          Samsung 960Evo M.2 256GB, Firecuda 1TB
                          Win 10 Pro 64
                          G-Unique Archdaemon 300 watt power
                          Lian-Li PC-Q21B case


                          Install all latest drivers and keep updated, watch for BIOS updates, get rid of all the unwanted baggage and system clutter on Win 10, make sure you have a good PSU and cooling.

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                    I have similar issue. My setup:

                    Ryzen 3 2200G

                    ASUS PRIME B350M-A

                    CORSAIR Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 2x8Gb

                    Samsung M.2 860EVO 500Gb


                    After Win10 clean installation (create with Media Creation Tool) can't install video driver. Each time i start driver installation i have got BSOD (critical process died).

                    First install all Win10 updates, then chipset driver from AMD site, then video driver. Tested memory with windows tool and Prime95, tested video with OCCP (on Microsoft standard video) - no errors.

                    860EVO is not in compatibility list with MB, but i think SSD can't do any problems to system. i was wrong!

                    I try, i gave up. Deinstall SSD, Install spare HDD, install Win10 (painly slow w/ HDD) and everything work fine (APU driver install successfully). I don't know for sure which part are made problems (MB or SSD), but i'm going to replace Samsung for Intel from Comp. list.