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    graphics card prevents windows from loading into normal mode


      About 2 months ago my computer started glitching. I never got to the login screen because right after the windows loading screen (black with spinning circles) it just blackscreened and nothing happened anymore. For about  a week it didn't boot into windows normal mode (i could only boot into safe mode) and for a week it did. So it was like that and continued the pattern for a month. I tried all the options from the automatic repair troubleshooting. I have reinstalled windows twice, reseted once and cleared the whole disk once. On the second time when I reinstalled windows I could boot into normal mode again but that lasted only for 2 weeks- then it crashed again (when I was playing Fortnite). It has crashed 3 times during CSGO and once during Fortnite (it has always crashed when i'm playing something). Now a few days ago I thought that maybe it has something to do with my display drivers so I uninstalled them (with DDU).

      It helped and i could boot into windows normal mode again. But when i tried to reinstall the drivers it blackscreens during the installation. It shouldn't be a dead graphics card because when I run Burnin Test I always pass it with 0 errors.


      My specs:

      CPU- Intel Core i3 6100

      Moatherboard- MSI  H110M PRO-VD PLUS (MS-7A15)

      Memory- DDR4  4Gbytes (single)

      Graphics- AMD Radeon R7 370

      Disk- TOSHIBA DT01ACA100

      Operating system- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit