A New Community Manager is Approaching!

Discussion created by norumu on Feb 21, 2018
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Helloooooo Red Team!


I'm Kevin "Norumu" Casper and I'm introducing myself to you as a new AMD and Red Team community manager!



I'm a total nerd, geek, and dork who's dabbled in probably far too many aspects of geek culture. I used to help run 200+ person LAN parties, I've been twice featured in print magazines for cosplaying as Gordon Freeman, was a PAX Enforcer for a few years, and I'm even credited in Axiom Verge because I helped them do some things.



I spend FAR too much time playing video games, but am totally okay with it. I'm currently spending all of my waking, non-work moments playing Monster Hunter World because I'm a long time fan of the series. Otherwise, I'm a World of Warcraft lore junkie, am pretty good but really salty with team shooters, and have been itching to play the entire Mass Effect series again, for like the 4th time. Also, I built my first PC for Morrowind when that was new and relevant.


Industry and Work

I've been a PC hardware industry shill for a while. I joined this industry at Cooler Master, originally as a support rep and later moving on to marketing operations and community management roles. After some time there, I joined Kingston Technology/HyperX in a more "behind-the-scenes" role around social customer care and global social media operations. Then, I sort of jumped out of industry to help Microsoft run their social media operations through the big fancy enterprise tool they were using to do that. Now, I'm here at AMD to get back into the frontlines! Woo!



For your AMD-related inquiries: Hit me up on the community here or find me on the Red Team Discord as Norumu

For not as much AMD-related things: You can find me elsewhere if you follow my username around, but please respect that my personal accounts are personal, not for work, and are not representative of AMD in any way.


Looking forward to getting to know you!

Kevin "Norumu" Casper


PS: This is my dog, his name is Barbas. He's adorable.