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ATI Readon HD 6450 driver bugs in Windows XP X64 Edition.

Question asked by pamela_husky on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by pokester

I purchased an ATI Readon HD 6450 for my computer running Windows XP X64 edition and the first issue I noticed was that the drivers for it had no digital signature meaning that the compatibility with Windows cannot be verified.  I had to reinstall it a few times because I kept getting error messages during the install of the control center and once I installed it; I began to notice a lot of bugs.  If I'm playing a game the second monitor starts glitching and the computer ends up freezing and I have to wait a few minutes for the GPU to reset.  It has also caused system crashes that permanently damaged my operating system causing my entire computer to have poor performance despite it's 8 processing cores.  I tried to find a different version of the driver on the AMD website but I just had the same issue.  Can someone please fix this problem and issue an update?  I expect it to come with proper drivers for all operating systems it advertises to support without critical faults.@