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    raid 10 RAID 10 and windows 10 (NVMe troubles)


      so i have a new build with

      AMD Ryzen 7 1800x

      MSI GTX 1050 Ti

      ASRock AB350 Pro 4 MB

      120 GB M.2 NVMe with the OS

      4 2TB HDDs that i want to set up in RAID 10



      I successfully RAID 10'd them in the bios ( and switched back to SATA mode before you ask) they don't show up in windows besides in the disk manager where they show as normal partitions and not as striped or mirrored drives.
      these do NOT show up in windows file explorer.

      I tried downloading the AMD RAID Driver and RAIDXpert utility ver:17.40_RAIDXpert from the ASRock website and AMD but both gives me this error: OS is booted on NVMe volume and upgrading the driver will make the drive unbootable; so aborting the installation. 
      I've tried everything i can think of guys! please help?