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Why don't I have tge Relive tab?

Question asked by misspudy on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by colesdav

Hi, this is my system :

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • AMD Radeon R7 200 series
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 18.2.2
  • Display Devices
    • Lg 1366x768 @60Hz VGA
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • MSI MS-7851
    • Intel Corei3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz
  • RAM
    • 8GB



So, I have done all the updates for the AMD software, yet I don't have the Relive tab. I have looked up if my graphics card is compatible, and from what I can see yes. Can anyone tell me if and how I can get relive?

Thank you