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P-State OC or Offset voltage no down-volting

Question asked by arnesaknussemm on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by arnesaknussemm

Hello there!


I have a 1920X in an ASUS Zenith Extreme motherboard.


I have tried BIOS 0804, 0902 and 0019


The processor works flawlessly at stock and OCs manually flawlessly.


However, if I set an offset voltage in BIOS or if I set a P-State OC the processor downclocks but does not downvolt.


One or two eccentricities in the BIOS after BIOS flashback are making me wonder if the MB is at fault. But before I RMA it is it possible that the CPU is at fault?


I have tried fresh OS installs on two different drives and made tested a whole range of power plans etc.


Is it the CPU that requests downclocking and downvolting....or is it more likely to be a BIOS fault.


Other TR owners have confirmed it is not a BIOS bug in general...they are able to see downvolting on offset and P-State setups. So it is something peculiar to my system.


Thanks for any help!