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    AMD FX 9590 Fail


      I have an AMD FX 9590

      Motherboard MSI FX990 Gaming

      Ram Hyper Furyx DDR3 1866mHz 8x4

      Power supply Sentey 750W 80 plus bronze

      Video card RX480 4Gb

      Liquid cooling ID-COOLING Frostflow 240



      And I run normal if I do not do anything, but when I run a game the system freezes or practically stops running, when the normal should be able to play if I do not demand much, it has a month of use and I present these failures, I no longer that can be the error or why it remains frozen all without letting me do anything, I must restart the computer every time this happens ... It is exasperating that this happens to me being new the prosecutor, I can only play browser games...