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the old graphics driver version does not open, every new driver installation crashes at final stage

Question asked by turbinian on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by turbinian

Laptop -  ASUS FX550I

CPU - AMD quad Core FX-9830P

GPU - AMD Radeon RX 460 + AMD Radeon R7



OS - Windows 10, 64bit




About a half a year ago when I bought this laptop AMD Radeon Settings app would work fine, at least it opened up once clicked.

And then It stopped doing so. Now all I get is an hourglass for a few seconds and then nothing.  I decided to update drivers using AMD autodetect, but when installation is completed you hit the 'restart now' button and it crashes 'not responding' every single time. I have tried all of the dedicated drivers available manually for both GPU's yet with no success. I went through the 'Common error resolving' instruction post with no results as well. All I can do is get to the starting point by updating my R7 via Windows Device Manager, but it is still impossible to open driver settings, as well as to switch between the GPU's for gaming.  Will appreciate any piece of advice on that problem.


Cheers Kristian