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Graphiccard does not run correctly

Question asked by mieges on Feb 18, 2018

Hello community.

First i have to say, that my english isn't the best, but i will try my best.

I have cleaned my pc hardware and after i run a benchmarktest, the fan of my graphiccard runs 100% and my screen went black. Before i cleaned my hardware the benchamarktest runs till the end.

When I use the pc without playing games, sometimes the graphiccard runs 90% for the first time I switch e.g. a tab in my browser but falls back to normal speed after some seconds.

2 screws broke in the thread after I want fix the cooler onto the graphiccard. Could it be that the cooler does not sit correctly onto the graphiccard? Additionally the fan is louder than before. The graphiccard sits perfectly in the slot and all cables are there where they should be.


My graphiccard is a "Club 3D CGAX-78560 AMD Radeon HD 7850 Grafikkarte"



Can you explain me, how I can fix the problem without buy a new graphiccard?

I have to go sleep, so I will answer to questions tomorrow.


Thank you!