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    Streaming build research


      I am researching for my next PC Streaming build and I wanted an opinion an which processor could run what I am building it for. I want to do independent video streams  to 5+ displays at 1080p.  I'm exploring either the Ryzen 7 1800X, the Ryzen Threadripper 1900X, or the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. Any suggestions?

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          1. Ryzen 7 1800X
          2. min 32GB DDR4 3200er
          3. min B350 MoBo - check RAM-compatibilty


          now on to streaming:
          do you want to stream into the WEB? or in your LAN?


          1. latest OBS - find correct settings for your GAME/CPU/GPU (i can help you with that)
          2a. get a small KVM Dualcore Root (i can help you with it too) - these are 5€ a month // install NGINX + RTMP Module -> voila, you can stream a stuff that is forbidden on twitch.tv etc
          2b. TWITCH: simply make an account there (its free; & has a amazon-prime bonus) - you can stream a lot, but not everything


          get a small homeserver (at least A4-5000 with 4GB Ram), install NGINX + RTMP Module
          use OBS to stream it to your Homeserver




          Have in mind: to steam 1080p60 nicely you need AT LEAST 10mbit upload // it will work with 5mbit, but 10mbit give way more space for stuff and quality

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            Depending how much budget you dispose, but with basic budget for 1080p/60Fps:


            i) A Ryzen 1700/1800 coupled with a decent motherboard/heatsink allowing to overclock @4.0Ghz is more than enough.

            No need to invest in TR if you only use the rig for streaming and not for other professional applications.

            ii) You do not need 32GB of ram, the price for this amount of ram is higher than the whole cpu/mb/storage package.

            16GB 3200Mhz of ram is quite enough for streaming, gaming.


            iii) If you plan to get an AMD gpu, like a RX580 or a RX Vega, you can simply use the AMD Relive suite that is included into the drivers for streaming.

            It work very well and not need of any other external tools. If using a Nvidia gpu, there is a similar tool in the drivers but not so well rounded as Relive.


            iv) You need a good internet bandwidth like minimum 10Mb up/down. Twitch use 7Mb max if i member well.


            v) If more specialized stuff required OBS is the most used tool to stream.

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              dont use ReLive or Xaymars AMF Encoder if you want to stream "Quality" - those options are only if the CPU cant handle anything "faster"


              ps i have a FX-9590 @stock (slightly undervolted) + RX 580 4G @1450/1875 - so i am FORCED to use AMD AMF (ReLive - OBS AMD AMF Encoder)


              1080p60 AMF/VCE @20MBit/s "Quality" (slow) look like 1080p60 h264 @7MBit "superfast" or "ultrafast"
              so a 1080p60 h264 @10MBit/s "fast" or "faster" (what a RyZen 7 1800X @3.85GHz can rock in most games) looks SO MUCH BETTER!


              ps Nvidias NVenc only looks better than AMD AMF - BUT it still uses a lot of CPU




              16GB CAN be enough - ok




              as i said - if you need help i can do a lot for you


              unlimted FIOS? dude i mean UPSTREAM SPEED and DOWNLOAD SPEED
              you should have 20MBit/s UPSTREAM (and/or full-duplex)

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                You do not need to spend that much on a streaming PC. You just want to play on 5 screens at the same time but they are only 1080 feeds. Most of the work these days is done by the GPU. You need to get something that can support 5 screen. Most support 4 screen which means you need to get a splitter. As for the CPU mu recommendation is 1600 or 1700 but with Ryzen+ coming soon I say wait for that. For RAM you probably want at least 16GB just to be safe.

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                  what you want to do?
                  1. in your home 5 displays with the SAME video?
                  2. stream into internet?
                  3. or 5 displays with different output?


                  1 or 2 are the same - both work easy
                  3 is kind of hard - but possible

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                      I do not thing by stream he means streaming online. He is using streaming kind of wrong. He just want to watch 5 different streams not run 5 different stream.

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                          That is exactly what I had meant with streaming.  I apologize for the


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                              Gotcha, at this point you maybe need a proper solution that is not the usual basic consumer one.
                              Also it may be not cheap as plugging directly the displays on the gpu, especially if the 5 display are far from each other.
                              Don't even know if a splitter would be useful here, usually in this case the displays run over ethernet/wireless/usb.


                              What is commonly used is to port HDMI through lan/ethetnet using some adapter box like these, this one is maybe a bit old but it is a good example to leverage how these things are done:
                              Amazon.com: Monitors AnyWhere - Display your content on multiple monitors using a single PC! HDMI over LAN, Video Extend…

                              On the Monitor AnyWhere site you have a list of adapters that are supported for example, just to give you a list of hardware, maybe these are not the best or the newest you could use.
                              You could maybe find the same thing using a wireless solutions, also i would not recommend using the usb protocol since the signal will deteriorate greatly with the distance.

                              Here the list posted on the Monitor AnyWhere site as example:

                              • Centerm C75 v1 and v2 Zero Client (Based on SMSC chip set)
                              • ThinGlobal MiniPoint Ethernet Adaptor (based on SMSC chip set)
                              • HP T200 Zero Client (based on SMSC chip set)
                              • Atrust m320 Zero Client (based on SMSC chip set)
                              • Atrust m220 Zero Client (based on DisplayLink chip set)
                              • GoodWay AE6210A1 Gigabit Ethernet to DVI Adapter (based on DisplayLink chip set)
                              • VideoHome Z-client 1080 (based on DisplayLink chip set)
                              • StarTech IPUSB2HD2 or IPUSB2VGA (based on DisplayLink chip set)
                              • PHiStek ZE6000 and ZE5000 Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor (based on SMSC chip set)
                              • LKV376 PC to HDMI over LAN (based on SMSC chip set)


                              The real question now is, as stated before, which content you need to port, a single stream or multiples different stream, which resolution?

                              Because i would suppose the rig should be powerful enough to support multiples video decoding at the same time

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                          so he needs 5 screens and connect them to his GPU - yeah - no Problem here
                          buy a GPU like https://geizhals.eu/xfx-radeon-rx-570-rs-black-edition-rx-570p4dbd6-a1610175.html (note 5x output)
                          connect your screens
                          expanded your desktop to use all 5 screens
                          open browser - 5x
                          each screen has one browser maxed
                          watch 5 streams same time 1080p


                          ps i like the https://geizhals.eu/aoc-g2460vq6-a1316311.html

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                            AHHHHH DUDE


                            so you want a PC that have 5 different streams running - one for each room in your house?


                            what you do now is this


                            you need a 8-port gbit switch


                            you have ONE homeserver - that should be at least a Ryzen 3 1200 with 16GB Ram and a 128GB SSD
                            on that linux server you install NGINX with RTMP Module


                            THEN you need one VERY CHEAP PC like a zbox MA320 (A4-5000 4x1.5GHz) with 4GB Ram FOR EVERY ROOM
                            also one TV per ROOM (or screen - smaller but cheaper)
                            on that PCs you run VLC to show the RTMP Stream


                            AND now it goes heavy - you need a PC that can put out 5 different Streams in h264 with a good bitrate (i suggest max 5x 25MBit/s) - there you need a minimum Ryzen 7 1800X - maybe even a Threadripper 1950X // 1800X would be 5x1 Core h264 - that CAN be enough, depending on enc-speed (SMT isnt like a full core here) // 1950X should be able for 5x3 Cores h264 - so you should be able to use "fast" or "faster" for 99% of input


                            then you stream that 5 different streams (can only be stuff like videos, or other streams - not 5x different games simultaneos) to your homeserver
                            and your zbox pcs use VLC to playback that stream...


                            DONE! - and NO there is no other way - because there arent good 50m HDMI cables // and NO dont try it wireless...




                            if you want to show the SAME stream on all PCs you can simply stick to a Ryzen 7 1800X as streaming PC and an A4-5000 for your Homeserver