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I would greatly appreciate others' opinions/experiences when ordering a new Ryzen CPU.

Question asked by janet on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by pokester

I ordered a Ryzen 7 1800X "new" from Amazon, but it arrived (apparently?) open-box with two scratches on it (on the heatsink side). What I mean by open-box is the box arrived sealed only with paper-tape, no plastic wrap, no seal, and no packaging of any kind other than the (partially open) semi-firm plastic case for the CPU itself. After speaking with Amazon's support, their tech said it appears I received a "used" item by accident, and sent me a replacement.


Unfortunately, the replacement arrived in the same condition (sealed only with paper-tape and having a tiny scratch on the heatsink side). Additionally, it was a mildly different colour (old one sort of a slightly bronze-ish silver, new one a very bright white-silver colour) and different country of origin (old one Malaysia, new one China). I wonder if anyone could tell me what their experience was ordering a new Ryzen CPU? Specifically:


1) Is the heatsink side a very pale, almost white metallic colour, or a silver with slight bronze hues?

2) Are Malaysia and China both producing these CPUs, and both respected/matching manufacturer's specifications (both say diffused in USA)?

3) Are small-ish scratches on the heatsink side normal from manufacturer testing and nothing to be concerned about?

4) Does the box usually come sealed in plastic wrap, or at least have some sort of moisture/shock seal on the inside, or is just a bit of paper tape holding an otherwise open box closed normal?

5) Are the CPUs rugged enough to stand some temperature & moisture variation? Both arrived on cold, wet days and I could actually see condensation on the inside, directly next to the CPU. Due to the far from airitight packaging I'm mildly concerned about the short and long term viability of the chip.


Thank you so much in advance for any opinions/other experiences!